Snowbility students smash world record

A NEW world record for skiing the greatest distance in 12 hours on an indoor ski slope has been set by a team made up of Snowbility’s students, instructors, and Paralympian, Anna Turney at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

The attempt, which involved more than 250 skiers and was part of The Snow Centre’s fifth birthday celebrations was made on 1 May but has only just been confirmed as a Guinness World Record.

A total of 5,608 runs, 714 kilometers or 444.29 miles was achieved smashing the previous record of record of 3,921 runs.

Snowbility, based at The Snow Centre, is the brainchild of Ski Development Coach, Richard Fetherston. It was established in 2011 with the aim of using snow sports coaching to help students with additional needs, and specifically autism, to show to themselves and their families and friends that they have natural abilities just waiting to be expressed.

Richard Fetherston said: “I am just so proud of everyone involved and most importantly, I am at my happiest to see all my students achieving something that most people only ever dream about. Just think what they can do if we can break down a few more barriers for them.”

Snowbility snow sports student Sonny McAnulty, aged 11, added: “Because of my poor sight, my friends are always better than me at football, rugby and cricket but they can’t ski like I can, and I know that if I keep training with Richard I might be able to ski in the Paralympics one day.”

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